Backup Rings

Backup Rings are available in the following standard styles and materials:

  • Solid Split (PTFE) – used to eliminate extrusion of the O-ring at pressures above 100 bar
  • Spiral (PTFE) Used in cases where fluctuations in temperature occur. Even if there is any post-shrinkage of the backup ring, there will be at least one turn of the spiral along the surface of the O-ring to prevent any extrusion. Also can be adapted for non-standard diameters, as the ring can be shortened to suit.
  • Parbak (NBR)

The advantages of using Parbak are:

  1.  They are moulded in a one-piece contoured design which improves performance by enabling the O-ring to keep its shape under high pressure.
  2. Can be stretched easily into place.
  3. Parbaks do not cause the localised wear on o-rings, which is the characteristic of other types of backup ring.

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