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PTFE is inert to most chemicals and has a working temperature range of -195°C to +250°C, and is available in the following materials:

Virgin PTFE

Used mainly for o-rings, backup rings and machined parts used in special applications requiring chemical inertness and limited strength. Ideal for use in cryogenic applications.

Bronze filled PTFE

Typical application: Used in dynamic sealing applications where the bronze filler gives improved wear resistance, hardness and compressive strength. The electrical properties and chemical resistance are reduced. Molybdenum disulphide improves the self-lubrication.

Graphite filled PTFE

Typical application: Significant increased thermal conductivity, reduced level of creep. Self-lubricating, therefore suitable for high-speed applications, without the need for exterior lubrication and applications which need to remove thermal energy and/or static electricity.

Glass-filled PTFE

Typical application: Used where there is a need for improved wear and increased coefficient of friction. Ideal for high dynamic applications e.g. high rotation pumps.

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